2 thoughts on “Clothing of the Future! – YouTube

  1. This video is very interesting but many scientists believe that a few centuries from now lots of human beings could very well be living on another planet! I believe that it is tough to forecast fashions so many years in advance due to this belief. How are climates on other planets? We need to know this information in order to really forecast a future of fashion hundreds of years from now. But lets say humans remain on earth. “Fashion repeats itself” is a phrase used many times. So with that being said, how much will clothing really change before going back to previous styles. How much will the garment be different from a silhouette today or will it simply modify or alter it in more of a simplistic manner. Will space suits and space apparel become a big part of a human’s wardrobe in centuries to come?

  2. Well, interestingly enough, that (see comment above) is the main thrust of my research these days. The idea of what we (“we”?) will wear on other planets or in long-duration space exploration is raising very interesting questions. I told the graduate students working with me last year that we were not so much considering what to wear, as re-thinking the entire concept of clothing.
    Think: On a space mission to -or on- another planet, you would be living in an artificial environment for months or even years: No weather, no dust, no dirt. You don’t even sweat the way you do on Earth. But also: Nobody knows how to do laundry in low gravity. Not to mention that no one knows how to create fabrics, much less clothing in off-Earth environments…

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