Zeitgeist Analysis II

Going back to my first Zeitgeist analysis, I explained my thoughts on how our current society is obsessed with celebrity and how that obsession has made people prefer luxury brands in order to dress like the stars. The Lipovetsky article explains how the world of fashion took a turn from being used to define and separate to the classes to being democratized. This democratization escalated even more in the 1920s when Chanel and Poiret came into the picture. Lipovetsky states how Chanel birthed the “poor” style. She made imitation pieces become elegant and fashionable. This was a huge moment for the fashion world. The fashion world in the 1920s is different than the world we are currently in. Because celebrities have been put on such a pedestal today, what they wear has become the “now”. We have now moved away from the modest style that Chanel made famous and we are back to flaunting wealth. A question I have is, why is it so important for us to adopt the style of celebrities and flaunt the luxury brands that they do? I think a lot of it might have to do with social media. We are constantly seeing what the stars are wearing every moment of their day. Simmel explains that human beings naturally find comfort in imitation because it gives us a feeling of belonging. Simmel states, “Imitation, furthermore, gives to the individual the satisfaction of not standing alone in his actions”. This statement helps answer my question. Because social media has                                    become such a big part of our everyday lives, we all know what Kylie Jenner was wearing last night on her date. Therefore, imitating her style means social acceptance and this is something we all seek.



One thought on “Zeitgeist Analysis II

  1. Many of the posts have discussed celebrity influences, and very few have talked about the specific labels. There is so much focus on who is wearing the garment rather than who made the garment, which I think is an interesting shift in the culture of fashion.

    Since the rise of the movie star, celebrities have had an influence on fashion – is it more pronounced now? Or are we simply more aware of it because we all see the cause-and-effect more clearly with social media?

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