Zeitgeist Analysis II

I have always found it really interesting how pop-culture, celebrities, and now social media come into play when it comes to influencing fashion. The second the world sees a celebrity wearing something at an widely viewed event, such as a red carpet, it becomes a trend and spreads like wildfire. Especially today with all of the social media outlets, any trend is available at our fingertips at any given moment. One thing I noticed recently was when The Golden Globes was on a few weeks ago, along with the television broadcast there was coverage on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat, and so on making it as easy as ever to see what was going on, including the trends.


Some celebrity Instagram posts from the day of the event:




A screenshot of a Snapchat post at the awards:



A post on the official Golden Globes Facebook page:

gg5'A Tweet on the official Golden Globes Twitter Account:





3 thoughts on “Zeitgeist Analysis II

  1. I like how you focused on social media and how that alone influences our fashion world today. I mentioned this in my article as well. After I submitted my article, I saw a commercial for a cellphone company and Kim Kardashian was the spokes person and she emphasized twice that without a good data plan we wouldn’t be able to constantly check to see what she is wearing. This just helps support the points you and I are trying to make.

  2. I like this focus on the social media. Here you feel closer to the fashion and the celebs. But I always wonder how much is just fashion and how much is celebrity culture? What is the difference? When we see the instagram photos we feel that we are ‘behind the scenes’ and close to these celebs. Does that maybe have an influence on what clothes we buy? And who who takes the pictures that the celebs throw up on their instagram profile?

  3. Celebrities are shown very often in beautiful gowns that many people have few occasions to wear them at, even if they did try to imitate their style, how does that impact fashion? Why are certain celebrities’ style followed more closely? How does this shape our everyday fashion choices?

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