Zeitgeist 2

A very crucial part of the Zeitgeist was analyzing where fashion is coming from.  After completing the analysis and reading the Simmel reading, it occurred to me that a large part of fashion is media.  The media is everything around us that we see or even hear about.  The media plays a crucial role in how fashion becomes fashion.  I want to specifically use the Kardashian family as an example of how celebrity icons create a deep impression on fashion.  As far as influencers, I think that the younger sisters, the Jenners, are most definitely innovators for girls their age as well as Kim being more of a fashion leader in our world.  This is one example of how the categories in the Zeitgeist overlap and more so build off of each other. I thought a really interesting part of the reading that works well with this post is “Fashion is the imitation of a given example and satisfies the demand for social adaptation…” This sounds like exactly what is means… When fashion innovators such as the Kardashians start a trend, through the media, everyone else becomes adapted to this trend and imitates it.  Many ideas from these readings have not changed like the one above, and still are very active in our world today.


One thought on “Zeitgeist 2

  1. The media is now a multifaceted concept, which portions of the media have the most influence? Are certain networks or platforms more effective than others? Where would we be without the media? If only one platform (say the internet, or Instagram, or tv disappeared) how would that change the landscape?

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