Zeitgeist 1

At first, the concept of zeitgeist was a bit confusing to me. It did not seem unclear, just a bit complex. When receiving the worksheet, there was so many boxes to complete that it seemed a bit overwhelming. However, once I tried to wrap my head around it I realized that it wasn’t too difficult and it was actually much simpler than I thought. Interestingly enough, all the boxes were connected in some type of way. I think the most important thing I will find while doing this Zeitgeist is that so many of these aspects of our fashion world are connected. Each of these categories is connected to another in its own way. However I discovered that the difficulty in this analysis is that our world has become so complex that it is difficult to do an analysis on the world as a whole, rather it is necessary to break it up into groups. I am beginning to discover that these boxes are all very complex and that I could honestly write a thesis on each one of them, however i look forward to being able to analyze each one of them individually and as a part of a bigger concept. I am beginning to discover that this zeitgeist will be very different for many people, and all of our class will probably generally have similar ideas, however the slightest change in location, nationality, or many other things can influence this zeitgeist and i think this is one of the most interesting ideas I have ever discovered. I am very excited to continue to explore this zeitgeist.


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