Post II | Dominating Social Groups

As always there’s no one kind truth for all, but generally speaking, celebrities are the dominating social group when it comes to fashion. People go to great length to look like their celeb-idol. Some go as far as having costly plastic surgeries, to alter their appearance to resemble their ideal. I think a more popular way to alter your appearance now is through make up and there are so many YouTube celebs who teach their followers the right way to apply make up to look like Kim K and Angelina Jolie. That, I think is an art, it takes talent and it’s also amazing what make up can do! I do hope people only do that for dress-up parties and not daily because why would you want to look like someone else.

Celebrities definitely guide fashion with the help of designers who actually create the clothes. We, normal people follow it, some more then others. Personally, I have too much pride to follow celeb trend (& their life) to the tee. Why should I wear that just because Kim K did? I don’t want people looking at me and saying “Oh, that’s so Kim”. I’m not Kim. I’m Sophia.

The reality is that people will still worship their celebrities, which is fine, but it’d be awesome to see more individuality.

This is a link to a man in UK, who spent $150K to look like Kim K.


One thought on “Post II | Dominating Social Groups

  1. I wonder where the shift was from celebrities influencing our style to dictating our every move? What does this say about our zeitgeist?

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