Has much really changed?

Both the Simmel and Lipovetsky readings are far from current, but many of the points made in them still feel relevant. Mainly the idea of  imitation as discussed by Simmel and the idea of democratization of fashion that Lipovetsky discussed.

Although many people like to think they have their own style, fashion, style, and design today is mainly composed of imitation. Imitating current and past designers, artists, or someone you see on the street. If you look on a college campus everyone is basically wearing some form of the same “uniform”. Speaking from experience I have Imitated fashion trends I have seen and have seen people imitate what I have worn. Simmel said that “the development of fashion has no sense at all” and I think that still rings true today.

Lipovetsky discussed the emocratization of fashion and said that it diluted the idea of fashion being separated by social class and was more about the differences in tastes and values. I think that today, the idea of social class is not something emphasized as much and as we discussed in class, lifestyles are what are important. Regardless of social class a college student will dress differently than someone in the work force.

It was interesting to see how while reading these excerpts from many years ago that I was able to still relate the ideas to today.


One thought on “Has much really changed?

  1. It is worth considering that people now tend to discuss “social groups” instead of class, but the people who work in the service industry their whole lives have different experiences from those who work “white collar” jobs. If there is a group that is “college students” and a group that is “the work force”, are these not classes?

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