Zeitgeist Analysis II

When I woke up today it had been snowing through the night. My first thought for the dominating event section was tourism. The reason I put tourism there is that the rise of tourism in Iceland has grown immensely over the last few years. When we started discussing it in our groups in class we decided on the eruption of Eyjafjallajökull was the dominating event because that got the world interested in Iceland.

In Iceland there are a lot of stores that design and sell outdoor clothing that are made for Icelandic weather conditions. It is warm and waterproof jackets and warm and cozy sweaters. It also important that it looks fashionable and people want to wear it both because it’s practical but also because it looks good. The reason I brought up the weather is the people like being warm in cold weather and having a good warm winter coat is nice. But what is more important being warm or being fashionable? I think that fashion plays often a bigger role in how we dress than just practicality, like this Seinfeld clip can show us.

But is the success of stores like 66°North and Farmers Market thanks to the tourism or to the fact that it’s fashionable in Iceland now? And is it fashionable in Iceland now because of the tourism, or the economic crash in 2008 and people are looking for practical and stylist clothing or is it just because of the weather?

PS. I asked my boyfriend to read this over and correct my grammar and he raised an interesting point about the fashionable warm clothes like 66°North, it is very expensive and it is quite flashy, the logo is embroidered in the chest of the jacket so everyone can see what you are wearing. You can get just as good winter coats in way cheaper shops but still we want the brand. So maybe we just want to be in fashion but we fool our self to think we are buying the 66°North coats for the practicality.


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