‘Basic’ young fashion look has some staying power

This look may appear to be nothing new to most of our eyes, especially living in the Northeast of the US, but lets be honest, we all thought that the days of yoga pants and infinity scarves with a low-(ish) end designer bag [insert Michael Kors here] would eventually come to a halt, right? Maybe there are some tweaks here and there with substitutions of actual boots instead of those hideous Uggs…We are all guilty of this..even me.  The word basic may even come to mind, and it often does.  Everyone knows what that look encompasses, but we all still accept the title with confidence and little shame for donning the same outfit for days.  This look, although given the lazy stigma and stereotypes associated with it, there are apparent plusses to this modern staple.  It is comfortable, especially in the winter months, and even the simplest of pieces can look put together with little to no effort.  This general theme of more comfortable casual wear with a nice bag and layering of neutral pieces has become a staple in most wardrobes across the nation and it seems likely to stay, at least for this small moment in fashion history.


3 thoughts on “‘Basic’ young fashion look has some staying power

  1. What i find so fascinating is that the laid back low stress low maintenance ” Lazy look” is very fashionable right now. For decades particualry for women, getting ready in the morning and putting an outfit together and doing hair an makeup was a great effort. Now a days you can just throw on yoga pants and an oversized sweater and it is condisered fashionable. its nice that something so quick and easy is now in style. It leaves more time in the day to do other things besdies spending hours on getting ready each morning.

  2. Really interesting look on the “basic” girl outfit that so many of us sport around campus. Like you said, it is often looked at something bad, being “basic”, as if those who dress like that lack creativity and are all the same. However, it’s still a huge trend that’s here to stay. I wonder where that negativity with the look came from in the first place..

  3. Is this look unique to the Northeast? I know it was very popular around my college campus in the Midwest as well. Where do you think this look came from? How did it become so popular? Is it only comfort? Or does it project an image that people aspire to be connected with?

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