Zeitgeist from Adam

Zeitgeist is also known as the spirit of the age. Social circumstances throughout different societies and cultures may develop certain leaders and head figures. The Zeitgeist believes that these figures are born through the social factors of that time period rather than from individual characteristics of leadership.  This brings about the idea that social interest gives birth to leaders. I believe that the mix of societal interest and view combined with qualities of leadership really define and result in leaders of societies. This can be dangerous given polluted societal influence and figures such as celebrities that gain fame through an original act of art or professionalism but then are seen as acts to live by and actually influence society in a negative manner.  Even negative views give individuals more publicity and leadership.  Society plays a very large role in people. However, I believe it takes a skill or act that gets an individual in a spotlight of fame or leadership that really causes the societal factors to follow.  It also is very interesting how societies and cultures can be influenced by the beliefs and actions of individuals. Even a regular person who starts a blog for instance and shares their views in a society can gain followers who share the views and eventually look to this person as the answer. So it works both ways. I am excited to see how society and culture and new technology changes fashion and the views of people on certain icons that rule the fashion world. What I will find I believe is to early to tell but I believe it will influence my views on lingering categories of speculation that I have in my head that society has touched on but have yet to solved given differing views of individuals. 


One thought on “Zeitgeist from Adam

  1. This sounds like a “chicken or egg” discussion! Is it nurture or nature? Can it be both? What makes an individual’s behavior negative? How do we maneuver a world with constantly shifting norms and rules?

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