I think the reason that the zeitgeist is so difficult to grasp at first is because it doesn’t dominate culture anymore.  Granted there are wide spread followings of trends within social or economic groups but not one that solely dictates or describes our generation.  I wonder if we are in fact slaves to fashion, or maybe just the pressure to fit in and be accepted.  I expect to see the trickle down and trickle up theories flip flopping through the decades as wars, financial crisis’s, revolutions, and pop culture become apart of our lifestyles and decisions.  I don’t expect there to ever again be a wide acceptance of fashion because some people are never content with conformity.  There will always be leaders and followers, rule makers and rule breakers.  The zeitgeist may be passé but fashion cannot die as long as someone is there to rebirth it.


3 thoughts on “Zeitgeist

  1. The zeitgeist map is merely a tool to understand the patterns we see around us. If our current era doesn’t fit neatly into the boxes, why? Is there a better way for us to understand our “now”? If there is an identifiable “fashion” there must be something that can be isolated or pointed to for explanation? If the zeitgeist map we are using is inadequate, what would you recommend to fix or change it?

  2. Maybe it dominates in a different way than before (as we will discuss from the point of view of several of our authors this term. To work backwards: One of the defining characteristics of our time is that we are in what Lyotard identified as a “post-modern condition.” This implies a dissolving of what used to be the “grand narratives” of society (the beliefs and expectations that things were meant to be a certain way, and history had a logical progression toward a “better future” of some kind.) Perhaps the problem with identifying the “spirit of our time” (the Zeit-geist) is that there are many such spirits swirling around…

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