At first, I was very confused when I took a look at the Zeitgeist map. So many boxes that we were supposed to fill out, not to mention the fact that I didn’t have any idea how to do it because I thought that I had to do it about one topic and then just follow that trough the map. But now I’m getting what it is about, and it has opened up my mind. I was suddenly able to understand that the group or the thing that I was thinking about and trying to fit into all those boxes wasn’t the thing I should have been thinking of. I had to think outside the box, and the zeitgeist helped me with that.

I’ve seen this word, zeitgeist, used in many ways. I was reading an article about Björk, the musician, and her new album where she talks about wanting to be part of the zeitgeist. She has been fighting a hard battle, where she is always questioned about writing her music, while a male musician (like Kanye West) is hardly ever questioned for their work.

Björk said that she has the feeling that she is going to win this battle in the long run, but she wants to be a part of the zeitgeist. For example she wants to help young girls that are confused, and tell them they’re not imaging things, when there is no listener.
“Everything that a guy says once, you [girls] have to say five times.’’ – Björk


One thought on “Zeitgeist

  1. The confusion you feel is not only common to our class, but to anyone living in an era. Embrace thinking outside the box, are there any factors or questions the map has missed?

    In the fashions world and out of it Bjork might be a good example of our time. She is recognized in America for her swan dress, for being outrageous for attention (far before Lady Gaga did it.) She also is fighting for equality for women (cheers!) which has been part of a very public discussion.

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