My Zeitgeist analysis #1

I must say that my first thoughts about Zeitgeist were confusion. Having a background in linguistics my first reaction when I couldn´t figure out how I was supposed to fill out the Zeitgeist worksheet was to look Zeitgeist up in the dictionary. Two of the definitions were: „a general set of ideas, beliefs, feelings etc. Typical of a particular period in history“ and „the spirit of the age of the time“. This and the bubble graph on slide #8 from Jan. 19 helped me to understand the term but I apparently didn´t listen well enough when the assignment was given that I really wasn´t sure what we were supposed to attempt to analyse. Fortunately we were divided into small groups in the next class in order to discuss the Zeitgeist worksheet and attempt to come to some conclusions. Finally, working in a group situation got my brain working and I understood the process of the Zeitgeist worksheet. Our group felt that the Eyjafjallajökull eruption was a dominating event that postively affected Iceland´s economic recovery and worked from that premise. At this point I can see how the Zeitgeist worksheet will be a useful tool to chart my ideas for the final paper as well as other wide reaching projects.


2 thoughts on “My Zeitgeist analysis #1

  1. Now that you understand it better, what do you think is the purpose of the worksheet? What are its strengths and weaknesses?

  2. It is both little bit difficult and exciting to catch or understand the Zeitgest in the period we are living now. Since I got the paper “Zeitgeist” I have been thinking about the periods: the present, the past and the future and how I can connect this all to the fashion of clothes. 😀 . There are so many layers and those are without ends as we read about in the Geertz article.

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