icelandic zeitgeist1

Following the big financial collapse in 2008 in Iceland many people experienced that their budget tightened heavily. Also the import to Iceland halted because of the bad credit and reputation Icelandic companies got after their shenanigans.

When recession hits it often seems that “fashion” grows more conservative. Skirts get longer, necklines rise and body hair gets to grow more freely. In Iceland it is now easier to recycle your wardrobe, without just donating it to charity. The internet, and Facebook of course helps tremendously. There is a lot of groups that you can sign up for to buy and sell clothes and you can specify your group selection to your taste. Even if more than six years have past many Icelanders seem more conscious about their consumption and that alone is something to celebrate!

Temporary trends doesn’t seem as important anymore and anything goes!

quality over quantity, less is more, world peace and all that!


2 thoughts on “icelandic zeitgeist1

  1. What sorts of shenanigans did the Icelandic companies partake in? Are big changes in fashion disappearing to be replaced by minor tweaks? Or do you think this is a temporary change?

  2. The shenanigans were mostly the banks loaning money that they didn’t even have and the guys that owned the largest companies having the bankers in their pockets and taking out money, that never existed, out of their companies and so on….So it ended with the banks were bankrupt and the people of Iceland losing the money we had in our bank acounts.
    I think this is a temporary change, I think the changes in fashion (and everything else) is going back to the way that it was before the collapse. Even though a lot of people are still strugling.

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