Zeitgeist Analysis I

The zeitgeist is an interesting topic to me because it is a word that contains so much meaning.  This also however seems potentially overwhelming, things that are typically compartmentalized and separated from one another all blend together to help define the current state of the world as we individually see it.  I think through exploring the zeitgeist analysis we’ll all learn more about what effects us personally and how we inform our decisions inside and outside of fashion.  This discovery of what informs us in the world today is an interesting concept and I’m looking forward to comparing the driving forces in the world that impact me to those that impact others, I’m positive that there will be plenty of similarities but also lots of differences.

Two main ideas came to my mind when going through this analysis worksheet.  The first being that all types of social media platforms are growing bigger and bigger everyday. These platforms are all taking on more and more influence over people today but also allowing more people than ever before the chance to become the influencers as well. In todays world there’s all types of fame, you can be instagram famous, twitter famous, youtube famous.  All these different forms of celebrity are powerful in contributing to todays zeitgeist.

The second idea that came to me has to do more specifically with fashion and it pertains to the fragile state of
“how” we do fashion today.  There is amazing work happening all around the world to change the industry and how clothes are made and what the definition of clothes can be.  This made me think of a great documentary I watched over winter break on this topic.  The documentary is titled “The Next Black- A film about the Future of Clothing”, and it explores the possibility of fashion changing drastically in the near future.  The relation to this assignment and the zeitgeist is that while even if we can wrap our heads around what the spirit of fashion is now there are major changes that can and will effect fashion at any time in the very near future.

“The Next Black- A film about the Future of Clothing”:  


One thought on “Zeitgeist Analysis I

  1. Good points! Try not to be overwhelmed by all the factors, they should help keep us from hyper focusing on one influence to the detriment of others. Are there any boxes on the sheet that seem unnecessary? Are there any missing?

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