Zeitgeist Analysis

I feel that the Zeitgeist analysis is going to be an interesting way to observe the changing fashion scape of the world.  Having never done something quite like this before, I am going into this with an open mind.  I feel that by observing the dominating ideas of our time along with generational shifts in economics, politics, media, art and design, and technology we will be better able to understand our current era of fashion and how fashion fits into the world.  Another thing that I’m going to find interesting are all of the influences, whether they be innovators or actors, of everyone in the class.  I know that for myself, I look to prominent designers as influences but I also look to those who are doing well with clean energies and renewable resources because I feel strongly that we need to produce clothing in a more environmentally clean fashion.  I do not foresee there to be any problems at the moment as I am going to be very open with this.  It will be intriguing to see what others post with regards to the innovators and those who are not specifically involved with fashion.


One thought on “Zeitgeist Analysis

  1. It is great to go into this with an open mind! What might influence other students zeitgeist maps? Is there anything missing that jumps to mind?

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