Zeitgeist analysis

It is strange and funny to put a finger on the “Zeitgeist” (tíðarandinn). There are so many things / objects, behaviors, events, ideas and so on to look at. Has this really all had influence on the fashion? Yes it probably has, some or most of them. The Zeitgeist analysis tells us about what is going on where and why.

It seems to me to be a problem to find the difference between Character of Era and Influencers and I think the influences are woven together.

Lots of things are not so obvious or are strange.My thoughts and speculations are now at this moment about the fashion of “Frozen” and it is unclear. Frozen is a popular move from Disney (http://frozen.disney.com/). Almost every little girl has to get something from “Frozen”, a dress, a sweater or something else. “Frozen” is often the theme of birthday parties of 6 year old girls and all the girls want to  be dressed in frozen dresses. Women in Iceland knit a lot of clothes for their kids and now it’s very popular to put pattern from frozen in the clothes. They even use Icelandic wool for the projects and they published them on facebook. How long will this last?

I hope the Zeigeist analysis in this course will point out a lot about how Icelandic people react or respond various / different events


2 thoughts on “Zeitgeist analysis

  1. I had a little light bulb moment when you talked about Frozen in our group-zeitgeist-analyze, and how it effect on fashion. I also (as an adult) have some Frozen clothing items 😉

  2. Also consider that each event might not directly influence fashion but might influence other events or factors that would then be reflected in the fashion world. Perhaps all factors on the zeitgeist might not be relevant for all eras, but we must consider many factors to find patterns.

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