The Zeitgeist

At this point I still do not understand exactly what the Zeitgeist means because I think that it potentially has so many meanings. When thinking of what influences the Zeitgeist in the world today I think automatically of lifestyle trends. Currently, most people in the world are trying to be more aware of the environment and I think this is a huge influence on the fashion world. I think while looking at the Zeitgeist analysis I will find that fashion isn’t just influenced on traces of the past but is more influenced by the natural environment around us. People today are also very concerned with body image and there are many campaigns going on to “free the nipple” which I think is going to shift the fashion world in a new direction. A lot of high fashion clothing is starting to become more revealing and this is influenced by the spirit of the times, which is to be comfortable in your own skin.

Two pieces by Tom Ford from 2015 collection that showcases a new direction in fashion by revealing more of the women’s body.

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One thought on “The Zeitgeist

  1. You have a great understanding of the zeitgeist as a tool for understanding fashion. As for understanding the spirit of our time, we won’t truly know if we understood it until it is gone, but it sounds like you are heading in the right direction. What could be the counterargument to what you have identified? Is there something missing?

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