As the Eternity Opens

I think the Zeitgeist analysis should be quite helpful to us finding the moments that matter when it comes to finding similarities in different eras. As I think fashion has a way of repeating itself the ZA might just help us point down what sparks the repetition. It’s interesting to consider, at least, while at the same time remembering that it’s never too healthy reading too much into things.

I found the discussions our group had about people’s perceptions of themselves very interesting, and I believe it will be very useful to me when working on my final assignment for the class.


2 thoughts on “As the Eternity Opens

  1. It’s great to recognize both an argument and its counterargument. Have you considered that the choice to repeat a style, motif, or fashion might itself define an era?

  2. And what about near-repetitions, where a style is repeated, but for different reasons, or by a different group than previously? Which is more important: The clothes, or the people wearing the clothes and their reasons for wearing them?

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