Analysis of Zietgeist

The Zeitgeist worksheet really made me think about the world of fashion and how different people have different worlds of fashion. My Zeitgeist had a lot to do with the influence of hip hop songs and rappers and how much of an influence they have on fashion today. The lifestyle they sing about in their songs is a high-class lifestyle. A lot of their songs mention luxury brand names and luxury brand designers; brands such as Ciroc vodka, Michael Kors and Dolce & Gabbana. The designer, Tom Ford, has become increasingly popular after Jay-Z came out with his song “Tom Ford”. Hip-hop is an extremely popular music genre today and the obsession with celebrity is at an all time high. Everyone is keeping up with the Kardashians and people want to be just like them. Kendall and Kylie Jenner are style icons and fashion leaders of today.

In the recent years after 9/11, consumerism took a plunge. People started spending less and were indulging less often. Today, people have begun to loosen up their spending habits again and the trickle-down theory of fashion seems to be occurring now. The middle-class is adopting the style of the upper class, and those that can’t afford the style of the upper class are buying knock-off versions of the luxury brands worn by celebrities. 1400457972_kendall-jenner-kylie-jenner-billboard-music-awards_2


4 thoughts on “Analysis of Zietgeist

  1. Was 9/11 the reason that consumer spending diminished? Or could there have been other factors involved? What has changed spending habits? Why are people looking to the “top”, so to speak?

  2. i agree that the Zeitgeist is influenced by celebrities and people of higher class. My Zeitgeist worksheet mostly had to do with lifestyle trends and how that influences fashion. Celebrities live a high class luxury life so I think that probably influences fashion for others.

  3. It’s interesting you touch on the influence on music and hip hop because I’ve always been fascinated by the relationship between music and fashion and have written papers on it in previous classes. I also would include television shows in my personal zeitgeist but that is because I love television.

  4. I really like how you focused on hip hop artists and their influences on fashion, really awesome! You use great examples for more recent artists and trends. It’s cool to see how since the beginning of the hip hop era in the 80s and 90s the artists and their music have had a great influence on fashion, such as Run DMC and “My Adidas” and the popularity of sportswear.

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