Zeitgeist Map

The Zeitgeist Map is a great tool that shows everything in one big picture. Following fashion closely while using the map would definitely show connections between pieces and how (at times insignificant pieces) influence and direct the big picture. I’m excited to see the different thoughts, ideas, and visions that will come forth after filling out the map. There won’t be a right or wrong answer; it’s all-subjective and like Dr. Aspelund said “fashion where, when, why” (something like that).

It would be interesting to fill out the map keeping in mind different cities and countries. How much will it tell us about the chosen country? Generational shift influences fashion, but does it go both ways? If so, to what extend? How does the rise in popularity of mini skirts (classic example), influence high school kids? Is that generational shift as true in Iceland as at it in the US? I think the map could answer a lot of questions.


3 thoughts on “Zeitgeist Map

  1. Indeed! One of the interesting –and slightly irritating– aspects of an exercise like this is that it quickly shows how difficult it is to generalize. But that’s kind of the point. The analysis not only allows us to pinpoint elements that influence fashion and related behavior, but also starts to reveal differences and boundaries between people, places, and times. (“Where is ‘here’?” “When is ‘now’?)

  2. I’m very interested in same subject: Does every country have their own Zeitgeist? And why is that? Even though there seems to be an overlap, there is still a big “zeitgeists different” between the Scandinavian countries. But I can really put my finger on what’s the different is actually.

  3. Continuing with that line of thought, is an identifiable zeitgeist limited to country? Consider “subcultures”, regional, social, and class influences. Or does the zeitgeist transcend these factors?

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