Zeitgeist Analysis

The concept of the Zeitgeist Worksheet is something that is essential to identifying the trends, styles, and an accurate sense of life from a certain time period. The present is the most difficult to grasp because we are currently living it as we are trying to identify and label things from a first person point of view. The Nystrom/Brannon Framework section of the worksheet seems to identify the status of a certain society in a broader sense. The technological status, ideology, events, and social group sections help to give a big picture of where a society is at regarding their progression and current focuses. The “Zeitgeist Map” digs deeper into more specific details including economics, art, innovation, politics and generational shifts. My favorite being generational shifts. I believe that every generation goes through a shift. Identifying yourself and others going through that shift as it happens makes it much more influential to someones style and trends. The “Character of the Era” section seems to be the area where specific styles and trends become apparent due to the influences and example style from the era.


2 thoughts on “Zeitgeist Analysis

  1. Now, here’s something for you to think about: How do “generational shifts” relate to, or even create the “character of an era.” Why and how do we even recognize the “character” as somehow belonging to one group or another? This might be a very interesting angle for you to explore in terms of fashion and style. What do you see in our own time (whatever that means?)

  2. In the attempt to define the present, have you discovered anything surprising? Is there anything in the zeitgeist map that was an unexpected factor?

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