Wondering about the Zeitgeist

Die Zeitgeist is an interesting worksheet. It really helped me to put things in perspective and I‘ve started to see how most things in the society affect the way we dress. I like lifestyle bloggers and I am writing my thesis about four lifestyle bloggers in Iceland. Because of that I had the blogs in mind when I did the Zeitgeist.

I know that there can‘t be any right or wrong answers but I feel like I‘m not seeing something I should see. It can be quite hard to find the best words to explain the Nystom/ Brannon Framework and also to remember everything that can fit there. I, of course, think the Zeitgeist from my experience but that can block my view on the world because I don‘t necessarily see how the bloggers see the world. I also like how you can see more clearly how your lifestyle and principles affects the clothes you wear. For example, if you are an environmentalist it will probably be seen in the clothes you wear. This is something I want to look into with my bloggers to see if I can see sudden trends based on their principles.

It was also interesting to talk to my classmates about the zeitgeist and what they thought about there world. When we get more comfortable with the zeitgeist I think it can also be a great starting point for a intresting discussions about our world. I also wonder if we really can see the zeitgest in the world we live in, we might be too much involved and too close to it.

I think the zeitgeist is a great place to start when we are looking at our world. It‘s also very important for us to think about it because it reminds us that everything in our world matters when it comes to fashion.


2 thoughts on “Wondering about the Zeitgeist

  1. Try not worrying about what you *should* see. Think about what you *do* see, and try to find meaning there. Once you have clarified what’s there, what is missing (if anything) will present itself. (Aha! Here’s a gap! What is in there?)
    Being too close means that you can’t see the big picture. But if you add a bit here and another bit there, eventually the puzzle becomes (more) complete.

  2. It is true that our own perspectives will influence how we analyze our world, and it is very important and helpful to be aware of these biases. One way to overcome that bias can be to collect all the information and then look for the patterns, as Dr. Aspelund points out. Are there any factors missing in the zeitgeist sheet in its current incarnation? Is there something else we are missing?

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