Julia Roberts is the New Face of Givenchy

In 2005 Riccardo Tisci was appointed as the newest designer for Givenchy. Since than the talented designer has produced numerous collections that combine components of simplicity, elegance, gothic chic, sexuality, and romanticism in his years of working for the label. Though he has incorporated his own unique twists, Riccardo maintains the classic Givenchy image by using neutral and darker colors such as black, to highlight the sophistication that remains in the name Givenchy. Tisci collections are highly stylized in terms of architecture and space, and are inspired by his fascination of playing with opposing forces. As a result of the designers specific technique and unique style, Tisci is very selective as to who he wants representing the Givenchy Brand. In previous years celebrities like Amanda Seyfried, Erykah Badu, Isabelle Huppert, and Kendall Jenner have been some of faces associated with the label. However, it was recently announced that Tisci has outdone himself as to who he has in mind next. According to Fashonista.com, Julia Roberts is said to be the newest Celebrity Icon for the Spring 2015 Givenchy campaign. The campaign which Roberts will be the face of, is said to “evoke the strength and modernity of the Givenchy woman.” Roberts who is not only a successful actress, but also a mother of three is said to be the perfect candidate as the face of Givenchy because she resembles the “perfect interpretation of the Givenchy timeless beauty.



2 thoughts on “Julia Roberts is the New Face of Givenchy

  1. I think that Julia Roberts becoming the new face of Givenchy will have a positive impact on the brand. It will help that they’re branching out and using other celebrities besides the Kardashians so that they can reach a broader target market.

  2. I think this is very interesting. Julia Roberts in my mind is much more timeless and classic than controversial Kim Kardashian. Mrs. Roberts is never really in the media besides for her philanthropic responsibilities and amazing acting career. While Kim slept her way to fame, maybe comparable to Roberts character in Pretty Woman. Okay, that’s a harsh statement but not that far from the truth. But I think this is a good move for the company, but will they stray away from their edgy style? Are they going to have more of a classic style? We’ll have to see, but Julia Roberts is definitely an interesting choice for Riccardo.

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