What Is “Posh” Style Now?


This article is interesting in the fact that the definition of fashion is always changing. The topic of what is currently considered the “new” or “current” trends and styles turns into a game of one upping the previous look with designs and styles that pop out and create self expression. Reading this article only makes me think of the claims that fashion is dead, with the spray on denim and consumers showing more loyalty to thrift stores that trying designers and their looks. It seems that the blend between the repeat and whats new and current is overlapping at an alarming rate.


One thought on “What Is “Posh” Style Now?

  1. I really enjoyed reading this article. its interesting to see how the definition of fashion is constantly changing. A quote i picked up on, that I really enjoyed was “You used to have to be super-groomed and monied. Now it’s about anti-polish.” I couldn’t agree more that the definition of fashion as well as what is posh has flip flopped over the past 50-60 years. It used to be that those who were posh were considered elegant, put together, and graceful. Now a days it feels like those who are posh, are the ones who are edgy, trendy, and elegant chic. Big difference if you ask me.

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