Is Kendall Jenner Changing the Face of Fashion? “Dazed” Magazine Says Yes

Being part of the group that predicted a possible collaboration between the Kardashian family and Givenchy in the means of Kim and even her toddler daughter, North we may have just missed a all too realistic assumption in our prediction. Kendall Jenner, daughter to Bruce Jenner and Kardashian momager, Kris has literally be blowing up the fashion world. There isn’t a place that her face is now seen. In just the past few weeks she has become the new face for  Estée Lauder and has been seen in the majority of cat walks in the many recent fashion shows. On top of that she and her sister were just name some of the most influential teens ( whatever that means). If Givenchy was smart maybe they would tie her down while they still can and worry about Kim and North later.


4 thoughts on “Is Kendall Jenner Changing the Face of Fashion? “Dazed” Magazine Says Yes

  1. While Kendall Jenner has gained her position through her connections and fame, do you think she has stepped up and has earned it at this point? Do you think if the Kardashian clan collapses would she still have a career?

    • I think that Kendall Jenner definitely has the frame and type of beauty for a model but I don’t think she would advanced in the model world as quickly or as much if it weren’t for her family name, and the family itself. I definitely think that if the Kardashian clan were to become unpopular that Kendall would continue on the path she’s on currently because of not only her different last name but the difference of her “work” compared to the other members.

  2. I agree that Kendall Jenner is definitely changing the face of fashion. However, I think fashion is only changing because of the labels and brands that hire Kendall as a way to gain publicity. The amount of fans Jenner has acquired from her family’s reality show has helped her become one of the most followed celebrities on social media sites such as instagram. It seems to me that fashion isn’t changing because of Kendall Jenner, but because of company’s and designers who have realized how to properly utilize celebrities for publicity.

  3. For the Givenchy Forecasting Group, we thought that a repositioning of the brand would work if they changed the focus from Kim Kardashian as a celebrity endorser to Kendall and Kylie Jenner. Riccardo Tisci has taken the brand in an edgier direction and because of that we think the Jenner girls would be more appropriate. When you think Kim Kardashian you don’t really think edgy but when you think of the Jenner girls you do. They have established themselves as fashion icons to the younger generation, Kendall in modeling and Kylie in designing. Both with their strong influence on social media could only help the brand and give it a fresh new look along with the brand’s already edgy vibe. I think their names have absolutely helped them get to where they are now but I see big things for these girls in the future.

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