Why Zara Probably Won’t Expand in the U.S. Any Time Soon


This article talks about the difficulties with European brands coming to the US and being successful due to sizing differences. It also talks about the issue of Americans not necessarily being as fashion conscious especially in the mid-US. Most of the fashion conscious people live on the coasts so European stores don’t have interest in increasing their stores.


One thought on “Why Zara Probably Won’t Expand in the U.S. Any Time Soon

  1. very interesting article. I agree that Zara shouldn’t expand in the U.S unless it is in major cities where the majority of fashionistas reside. As a company that mimics runway looks, Zara is bound to do great in places such as Europe and the larger cities in the U.S such as NY, LA, Chicago, and Dallas. If Zara were to expand to the midwest I don’t think it would do as well because of the type of less fashion conscious residences. It is simply not the right demographic or target consumer that the company attracts.

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