Michael Kors Style, Design, and Image

In the past few years Michael Kors has been booming in the fashion industry. The designer has created collections that seem to appear for the average working women as they are both subtle and elegant. Though Kors has been in the industry for a while, his reputation didnt begin until he started his line Michael by Michael Kors. Unlike the original Michael Kors line, the Michael by Michael Kors collections have a drastic price change to target more of a general consumer. While this was a great way to expand his client base. His designs are too similar to his Michale Kors line which he considers to be luxury. A typical Michael Kors bag can range anywhere between $1,000- $20,000. However The prices for his Michael by Michael Kors line ranges between $250- $800. In many ways Kors is trying to mimic the image of Marc Jacobs by creating a cheaper line for middle and lower class consumers. The main difference between Kors and Jacobs is the image that goes with the price change. While the Marc Jacobs line is similar in price, they narrow in on a specific consumer making their designs unique and highly desired by that age bracket. Unlike Jacobs, Michael Kors does not have a specific image, making it harder for the average consumer to differentiate the designers lines. Though Kors considers himself as a luxury brand, he offers some of his off season products in discount stores like Marshalls. As a result, their is a huge disconnect as to how consumers view the designer.


One thought on “Michael Kors Style, Design, and Image

  1. I agree that Kors does not have a specific image. Every day I am shocked by all the MK things I see that I didn’t even know he made. I see older woman wearing MK turtle necks, babies wearing sneakers, and teenagers carrying wallets. It is almost getting confusing for me.

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