Givenchy’s Style-Riccardo Tisci

It is said that since coming to work as the creative director of the Paris fashion house, Riccardo Tisci has modernized the Givenchy we once knew for elegant classics.  The Italian designer brought with him his gothic-futurist touches and close relationship with prominent musicians and celebrities, making Givenchy and increasingly relevant and edgy brand.  He effortlessly combines the construction of a couture house with the originality of street style and has revitalized the company with a cult like following.

The part of this article that I struggle with the most is when it says that Tisci has created a distinct brand identity for Givenchy. Where he did bring a new sense of danger and edge, I strongly disagree seeing as how we have identified their lack or marketing and their limited brand recognition as weaknesses and threats in our analysis.  I think something Givenchy will struggle with is the disconnect between “Givenchy then” (Audrey Hepburn and Jackie Kennedy) and “Givenchy now” (the Kardashians).  Each have a distinctly different style profile and it will take a great deal of rebranding and marketing to change the images that come to mind when saying the iconic name “Givenchy”.


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