Givenchy Design Image

I decided to take a look at the design image of our company when Alexander McQueen was designing.  He was the head designer for Givenchy for 5 years and brought his over the top designs to the company and at first they were very unsuccessful and he realized that he had to tone them down in order for them to be accepted at this label that is very different from his style.  Upon arriving to the company, he called the previous designer “irrelevant,” and then decided that he needed to bring it down a notch.  He decided to tone his style down, but not get rid of the controversial side of things.  In the spring runway show of 1998 he decided to have a double amputee model walk the runway with carved wooden legs.  The designer stayed with the company until March of 2001, when he left because he believed that the company was “constraining his creativity.”


2 thoughts on “Givenchy Design Image

  1. McQueen definitely influenced Riccard with the way he has taken the brand now. Riccardo has branched off of McQueen had done, making Givenchy edgy, fun and new. McQueen is just as controversial as Riccardo’s celebrity choices, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West.

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