Uniqlo’s Style

Uniqlo is a unique retail company focused on delivering quality clothing at cheap prices. Uniqlo is actually short for Unique Clothing Company- it’s original name. Uniqlo’s apparel is compared to those from Gap, H&M and American Apparel. Most of their clothing are just basic, colorful staple items for you closet. These basics are delivered at a much higher quality than other retail stores and they have a variety of “tech” fabrics. Uniqlo’s clothing was first suppose to be unisex but then later branched out to men’s and women’s departments. They are also known for their fleece and cashmere fabrics, being compared to some of the fabrics in the world only better and cheaper. It seems like if they keep following the path of having the best basics for the best prices, they maybe able to market more towards Americans. The CEO stated that he wanted to be more like a technology company than a retailer. Their website also proves to be confusing with many random tech apps. Uniqlo really needs to focus in on one direction and stick with it. It they do this I feel like their brand with succeed more in the US.



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