Betsey Johnson’s Transition

Betsey Johnson has a very unique and perky style that not many designers are willing to produce. Her target market is most certainly the women in their 30s to 40s due to the prices of some of the pieces, but I think her designs attract the younger generation. This thought is not good for Betsey and her line because the consumers who are attracted to her designs usually cannot afford it. Because of this, I feel Betsey has redesigned some of her pieces to make them more attractable to older consumers.

Betsey’s personality used to be, and still sort of is, a very bold and outgoing style. Her designs use a lot of tule, layering, colors, and patterns. Recently, her designs have become very basic and something you could see in large department stores. Although this is a good transition for Betsey, consumers will be able to find dresses that Betsey designs in Macy’s or JC Penney’s for half the price. This transition of making her styles more simple and wearable is good to help expand her company and to reach out to more target markets… but can also hurt her company by making the pieces too ordinary and not unique. For example, this black dress designed by Betsey is around $180. Consumers can probably find a dress very similar to this in a large department store and purchase it for half of the price. When you pay the $180, you are basically paying for the Betsey Johnson label… but if this black dress is so simple and basic… no one would look at that drew and say “Wow look at that Betsey dress!”


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