Betsey Johnson-

Betsey Johnson has a very unique style and it is shown through her designs. She is known for doing outrageous things and setting a new bar for design. She sets her own rules regardless of the trend of the season. Most of her designs are bright in color and can incorporate prints and sparkles that add glitz and glam. Her style is one of a kind that follows her personality that is over the top. She has been in the business for a few decades. Her style has not changed much and the view of her company has remained the same. It is out there clothing that does not fit many markets. The customer has a unique style and is not afraid to break barriers. The thing to look at within her company is if it can survive in future years. With Betsey as the designer, and who would take over after her time. Should the company try to be more affordable and more approachable to costumers. Betsey Johnson has many things to consider as a designer.


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