Group Post: Michael Kors Style, Design and Image

Dominique Grillon’s Part:

WEAKNESS-only Michael Kor’s expensive designs are on trend

While my group and I were researching Michael Kor’s style and design we made an interesting discovery. It seems as though the style of his expensive line is on trend, while his more affordable pieces are off trend. The designs for Michael’s spring runway  line are very promising. The designs appear to be well crafted and have a unique yet classic feel. The inspiration for the new line came from, “The iconic American spirit, the post-war awakening of the 1950s, the Springtime rebirth—the Michael Kors Spring 2015 Collection conveyed a sunny vibe, drawing inspiration from times of true optimism. Realized in fabulous, feminine fifties silhouettes, flirty florals and a pristine palette conjured by bold blooms and natural tones—these pieces brought to life the romantic mood of the wind in your hair and the hands-in-pocket ease into warmer weather.

Kors was quoted as saying,


What really needs a “rebirth” is Kors; Michal by Michael Kors designs. Although some of his more affordable clothing is on trend the designs for his accessory line desperately need a makeover.

download (1) download

The images I have attached above are two examples of the purses included in Michael by Michael Kors current purse line. As we see he is still including his heavily logoed bags. After listening to the past two groups’ presentations on Michael Kors we have come to the conclusion that these logo bags are out of style and have been for quite some time. Another purse that stood out to us was this orange camouflage bag. Camouflage has been quite popular over the past 2-3 years. However it is definitely a trend that is on its way out if not completely out of style. The bright orange color makes the bag look extra tacky.

download (2) download (3)

Contrary to Michael’s affordable bags his expensive bags are completely on trend, in fact they are classics. The two images above are some of Michael Kor’s most expensive pieces. The pink bag is $8,000 while the black one is $20,000. Both bags are made of “100% Genuine Crocodile (Belly)”. As we know from brands such as Hermes, crocodile bags will most likely never go out of style due to their high quality.

The main problem with Michael Kors image is that consumers are beginning to associate his brand with the cheap and tacky bags and not the $20,000 crocodile bags. I see this as being a huge issue for the company. No one is going to want to spend $20,000 on a designer who also is also designing bright orange camo bags. Although Hermes’ crocodile bags sell for much more than Michael Kors’ people are more willing to buy them because of their classy high quality brand image.

Rachel Roth’s Part:

WEAKNESS-Michael Kors is unsuccessfully trying to compete with other designers

In the past few years Michael Kors has been booming in the fashion industry. The designer has created collections that seem to appear for the average working women as they are both subtle and elegant. Though Kors has been in the industry for a while, his reputation didnt begin until he started his line Michael by Michael Kors. Unlike the original Michael Kors line, the Michael by Michael Kors collections have a drastic price change to target more of a general consumer. While this was a great way to expand his client base. His designs are too similar to his Michale Kors line which he considers to be luxury. A typical Michael Kors bag can range anywhere between $1,000- $20,000. However The prices for his Michael by Michael Kors line ranges between $250- $800. In many ways Kors is trying to mimic the image of Marc Jacobs by creating a cheaper line for middle and lower class consumers. The main difference between Kors and Jacobs is the image that goes with the price change. While the Marc Jacobs line is similar in price, they narrow in on a specific consumer making their designs unique and highly desired by that age bracket. Unlike Jacobs, Michael Kors does not have a specific image, making it harder for the average consumer to differentiate the designers lines. Though Kors considers himself as a luxury brand, he offers some of his off season products in discount stores like Marshalls. As a result, their is a huge disconnect as to how consumers view the designer.

Hallie Reardon’s Part:

OPPORTUNITY-focus only on expensive purses or inexpensive purses

One of Michael Kors weaknesses is the fact that his stores and websites sell very different products. When you walk into Michael Kors stores there is an array of bags, typically solid color or the iconic MK logo. These bags are classic but they usually are not as expensive as most luxury designers. However, when looking on Michael Kors online, there is a whole different style trend. Online store shows a much more high end line with bags at the $20,000 price point. The $20,000 bags are typically made from crocodile. Crocodile never goes out of style, causing this bag to always be in trend and popular to those who can afford. The Michael Kors products that you see in discount stores such as Marshalls are not in fashion/trend anymore, its the more expensive items that is popular at that given time.  I think that Michael Kors needs to decide which direction the company is going in…the more inexpensive bags that you see all over, to the over the top expensive bags.

Allison Pereira’s Part

STRENGTH-Michael Kors has a specific group of women who he tries to design for

THREAT-the women who he designs for are getting bored with his designs

OPPORTUNITY– expand on current design styles

Successful business women are those who are always on the go, those who need a fashion that is not only ready to wear but chic in a way that they can walk the streets with their head held high. This is how Michael Kors describes his style of his fashion line, he believes that he hits all five most important styles that women look for every day. Michael is not only making styles that are fit for these “jet setter women” but he is also creating a style for those women who are looking to have a sophisticated night out on the town. Michael tries to build his companies style on classy and chic looks but does not get so creative with it. Through this article the same words would come up to describe Micheal’s line, simple, chic, and basic. I can truly see what Michael is trying to achieve here, but there is no where for him to go further than this. His designs are always consistent and he never tries to think outside of the box. He sticks to this classy, simple and basic look that he thinks all women would be attracted to. My concern for him is that he will never want to explore a more creative and diversified look, he will always stick to one thing, he is afraid to walk on the dark side and get more creative. His line is very attractive to women who are in the working fields and want finish pieces that represent themselves as this classy look, he has made that image clear which makes more women attracted to buying his products. Every women describes themselves differently and wear clothes that represent different sides of themselves, but does Michael Kors allow women to explore these different sides of them? I think not, women are just stuck this little bubble, this bubble of having one side, which is what Michael is stuck in as well.


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