Betsey Johnson – style and design

Betsey Johnson, “has built her long-standing career in fashion by following her own set of rules.”  This is the first sentence of Betsey’s company profile and it could not be more true.  All of Betsey’s designs are unique or “out there”, and full of embellishments, which can sometimes make them appear over the top.  The designs are bright colors and usually entail some sort of tulle, diamonds, studs, etc.  When you think Betsey Johnson you definitely think glitz and glam.  All of these qualities that her style and design possess can be linked directly to her personality and character.  Betsey has an enthusiastic, one-of-a-kind personality and she is here for fun and entertainment, which is clear from her signature cartwheel she does while on the catwalk.  Betsey Johnson as a company is what it is today because of Betsey herself; throughout the years she has continued to be very involved with both her designs and the company as a whole.

Looking at her website recently has left me questioning the classic “Betsey style” though.  While viewing the dress section of her website, I noticed many of the pieces seem to be a bit toned down from what one would normally expect to find.  The colors are not as bright, and there are far less embellishments on the dresses then normal – browsing the first two pages there is only one dress that seems to include tulle.  They almost seem too simple to be Betsey Johnson.  The price points also seem to be adjusted a little, in favor of the customer.  Her dresses are still $100+ but when looking at things from a whole, the price points seem to be dropping a little.  This is interesting and maybe something to keep an eye on because this means the Betsey style could be in the process of changing, but if it changes, can it still be considered the “classic Betsey style”?

Link to Company Profile.


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