Alexander McQueen Blog Post-Recent Changes

Through out the years Alexander McQueen’s company has gone through major changes both positive and negative. The biggest change this company has endured was Sarah Burton becoming the new creative director in May 2010 after McQueen’s death. McQueen’s designs were known to be very outrageous and not something that would be worn everyday on the streets, but that is what made him unique to the fashion industry. McQueen’s inspirations came from more of the art world instead of the fashion world which is why his designs were so crazy because they were somewhat not realistic in the fashion sense. For example here are some of his designs from when he was the creative director.


Sarah Burton’s current designs are much more different than these images above which is the main change for this company. Many believe that this change is not good for the company because McQueen’s touch is lost but others think differently. Her designs are much more toned down than before and are more likely to be worn than McQueen’s previous unique collections. Some love that it is reaching more consumers, widening their audience, but others think this is a disgrace to McQueen’s name. Just because McQueen is no longer with us doesn’t mean that his brand should suffer. Sarah Burton has a lot of pressure on her to live up to McQueen’s greatness and she has been very successful since he has been gone but has not fully embodied the McQueen look. Here are some designs Burton has made and you can see the difference in collections from McQueens.



One thought on “Alexander McQueen Blog Post-Recent Changes

  1. I think these pictures really show both true McQueen and Sarah Burton, and also how Burton tries to channel McQueen. I also totally agree that Burton has a lot of pressure on here. McQueen was an artist as well as a designer so it is hard to completely channel his true creativity and ideas, but I do believe she does a great job!

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