Michael Kors think he has what styles women are searching for..

Successful business women are those who are always on the go, those who need a fashion that is not only ready to wear but chic in a way that they can walk the streets with their head held high. This is how Michael Kors describes his style of his fashion line, he believes that he hits all five most important styles that women look for every day. Michael is not only making styles that are fit for these “jet setter women” but he is also creating a style for those women who are looking to have a sophisticated night out on the town. Michael tries to build his companies style on classy and chic looks but does not get so creative with it. Through this article the same words would come up to describe Micheal’s line, simple, chic, and basic. I can truly see what Michael is trying to achieve here, but there is no where for him to go further than this. His designs are always consistent and he never tries to think outside of the box. He sticks to this classy, simple and basic look that he thinks all women would be attracted to. My concern for him is that he will never want to explore a more creative and diversified look, he will always stick to one thing, he is afraid to walk on the dark side and get more creative. His line is very attractive to women who are in the working fields and want finish pieces that represent themselves as this classy look, he has made that image clear which makes more women attracted to buying his products. Every women describes themselves differently and wear clothes that represent different sides of themselves, but does Michael Kors allow women to explore these different sides of them? I think not, women are just stuck this little bubble, this bubble of having one side, which is what Michael is stuck in as well.



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