Is Michael Kors Moving Too Far Down The Fashion Ladder (And Becoming The Next Coach)?

Michael Kors has become a very common brand that can easily be spotted by it’s MK logo and print. This article is about how Michael Kors may be becoming the new Coach. It has made it’s way from high end and worked it’s way down the fashion ladder and has become lower end. Many brands, such as Abercrombie, that were popular due to their logos became unpopular and had to revamp their companies and lose their logos in the picture. Coach’s designs commonly had C’s all over them. Kors has also been over doing their focus on affordable luxury. Their designs are becoming repetitive and they’re being forced to discount their items. People who can afford their higher end items are starting to steer away from it because they know it can usually be found discounted. Michael Kors is somewhat setting themselves up for failure. My perspective is that they should let go of the logos and pick one target market. Coach has recently revamped their line, and I think Michael Kors doing something similar will be beneficial to their brand before it’s too late.

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3 thoughts on “Is Michael Kors Moving Too Far Down The Fashion Ladder (And Becoming The Next Coach)?

  1. This article, paired with the presentations that have been given on Michael Kors, made it more clear how saturated the public really is by Michael Kors right now. The more I learn about this “downward spiral” Michael Kors is having the more I keep connecting it to my own life. For example, last Christmas, EVERYONE received Michael Kors satchels for Christmas – literally everyone, including myself. When I realized that everyone got them, I didn’t really find mine as special anymore. At the time I thought nothing of it, must of just been a coincidence. Now, after learning about everything, I realize it is not coincidence at all and it is interesting watching all the pieces come together. This could also link back to the idea of how over the recent years designers and companies are beginning to become less and less important to us because everything is so easily accessible.

  2. I one hundred percent think Michael Kors is becoming the new coach because of the sole reason that everyone is wearing it. The price point is reasonable enough that young adults and older women will buy his products at full price. To make matters worse, the majority of the products that aren’t being bought are marked down to discount stores making it even more desirable amongst a range of consumers. In order for Kors to not become the new coach they need to redesign, have a signature style, and chose a specific target market to focus on. If not the company must look at selling their products outside the U.S and on an international spectrum, as they will not have much economic growth here.

  3. This point is absolutely driven home by the point you made in our presentation that Michael Kors said they were the “Hermes of Staten Island”. What they don’t realize is this negative connotation with the brand is making them seem more and more like coach every day. Much like coach was over saturated years ago, Michael Kors is following in their footsteps today. I think it will take a major turn around and rebranding of the company for them to stay away from what is likely the inevitable truth if they stay on their current course.

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