Michael Kors Beats Forecasts

Well then… Notice the neat little PR twist in this article? (Read the last paragraph, then read the headline again.)

Michael Kors Beats Forecasts – The Business of Fashion.

2 thoughts on “Michael Kors Beats Forecasts

  1. After having Michael Kors as a previous client and doing research on the company it seems that no matter the situation the company is under there are always positive and powerful things being said. At the same time, it seems to be accompanied with a negative outcome, message, etc. While Kors may be en-route for some potential trouble such as a re-look / re-vamp to his brand, one thing he doesn’t need to worry about his that PR team of his!

  2. After reading this article, I was shocked by the companies numbers in their revenue. I would expect them to do much worse because of where they seem to be headed. While I am not a fan of Michael Kors, it seems that the designer has a pretty good understanding of where is company is. He knows he is in trouble in the U.S market so he is looking to expand more on an international spectrum.

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