Urban Shares are Crashing


I found this article very interesting. It discusses the reasons Urban Outfitters sales are decreasing and what they are lacking/need to fix. I think it could relate a lot to our paper and presentation. I also feel it relates to our age group because we are around the ages that Urban Outfitters reaches out too. The reasons they listed for this decrease in sales also seemed extremely accurate and related to almost everything my group and I have discusses thus far about the company.


2 thoughts on “Urban Shares are Crashing

  1. We all are beyond aware of all the negative actions by Urban within the last fews years and even longer but it was interesting to read one of the first points made in this article. Saying that they market themselves to teens yet their budget does not do this justice since they tend to be the most price conscious tending to purchase more from companies such as h&m and Forever 21.

  2. I definitely agree with the above comment. Urban’s prices just do not make sense for the customers they are marketing themselves to. This is something my group and I have been discussing about Betsey Johnson as well. Her prices are high but some of her merchandise seems as though younger kids should be wearing it, which doesn’t add up. I found another call out from this article in the section titled “fashion misses”. Here it briefly discusses how Urban’s fashion has been more obscure than hip lately and they go on to talk about Urban’s fitness line. This was something I had said from the beginning could go either way: either people will grab onto it and love it because many people do wear fitness clothes as casual clothes now, or it would be a total fail because it is not who they truly are. Not to mention the fact that this fitness line is not the best quality because they do not specialize in fitness! Trying new things to attract more customers is always good, but a company can’t stray too far from who they really are.

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