Uniqlo Business Strategy


This article is filled with information regarding Uniqlo’s business strategy. In my opinion their goals are just too high. There is nothing wrong with having high goals, but I think the brand needs to step back and focus on the smaller pictures of running a business. The brand as a whole seems to only have one big picture in mind which is, “developing products of exceptional quality, in order to “create clothing with new and unique value and to satisfy customers worldwide.” While this idea is good in theory they should focus on one area at a time. Uniqlo claims they want to open 20-30 stores a year in the United States. I think that this is too much too soon. It makes more sense to leave a small amount of stores open in the US and continue to see how consumers respond to them. I didn’t even know Uniqlo existed before this course. Therefore my opinion they need to focus more on marketing and finding their own identity before they worry about expanding so rapidly.


One thought on “Uniqlo Business Strategy

  1. I agree that they seem to be taking on too much too soon. I think that they could tackle these enormous goals if they made them long term rather than short term goals. I wonder if this company will last if they keep jumping to the next goal before completing the previous ones.

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