Exclusive: Vivienne Westwood on the Art of Dressing, Costume, and More


Stumbling upon this article seemed like perfect timing, with so much discussed about client Betsey Johnson in class lately, reading more into Vivienne Westwood seems is oh so necessary. It is no secret that the Betsey Johnson name has taken some blows in recent time with its identity crisis and relevance to the fashion world now, but like-designer Vivienne Westwood seems to be going strong. This interview with Vivienne is extremely interesting and really helps get inside of the mind of the less than typical designer. I think it really shows what separates Westwood from Johnson. Westwood seems to take her designs seriously and while she has some crazy ones she says that she till designs them with consideration, originality and enroute to have political stamens.. not just because “she wants to”. Reading that line made everything fall into place for me personally. If Betsey Johnson were to have a slogan it very well could be ” Betsey Johnson; because we wanted to”. I think as a whole Westwood seems to have a better, whole understanding of the fashion word in its entirety.


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