Zara’s Group Post- Zara does not have a self image but they have a BIG Idea

Zara might not come up with their own designs or create their own clothing, but they are however, truly successful with the BIG idea that have come up to make them one of the most popular stores around the globe. They spill their details on how they did not need to come up with a new invention or a product, just a new way of selling that would help their company climb to the top in which they did. So what they came up with is instead of actually hiring world class designers, they just simply copied them, as the article says “politely” copies them, in my opinion I do not think there is an actual way you can politely copy a designer such as Tom Ford or Prada who have worked so hard to get where they are today. Zara is taking the easy way out and although some artist are actually flattered by the way Zara sells more affordable clothing that matches what they design, others are furious and are starting to call Zara out on magazine ads and blogs. What happens when the designers actually begin to put a stop to Zara and they have to stop and think of something different, it may seem harsh to push Zara into creating a whole new design because this what they built their company on. The unfortunate event is Zara might one day have to face this, and what will happen to them after this.. the positive to this is if customers keep making the decision to purchase products from Zara because they are cheap, and constantly coming out with designs that have not even come out yet, then Zara will remain at the top. They will never have a self image, but the audience image will stay up and will continue to grow. Let’s see what the future holds for Zara and what this means as them being “copy cats”.


3 thoughts on “Zara’s Group Post- Zara does not have a self image but they have a BIG Idea

  1. Zara is known for copying high-end designers and making their own fashion from the already existing ideas. For the most part, Zara copies Celine, Marc Jacobs, and YSL. Below are some popular well-known copies Zara has done and are very obviously replicated. Because Zara copies designs so obviously, this also means Zara doesn’t have their own image. If these designers were to stop allowing Zara to replicate designs, I feel Zara would loose business since they have no originality to put into their own designs.

  2. Yes I also agree on the question of what will Zara do when designers start getting mad and saying something. It will be interesting to see if this does ever happen or if designers will continue to just keep allowing them to do this. I feel that Zara should have done half their own designs and maybe half copying rather than just all copying. That way if they were faced with having to start creating their own designs they would not be in that much trouble. On the other hand Zara has been so extremely popular because of the fact that there consumers can get similar designer pieces for a lot cheaper price. This has been the big reason that Zara has been so successful.

  3. I looked at the marketed identity of Zara, and I found that they do little to no marketing for their brand. However when they do market their clothing, they are stealing marketing ideas of others because they are marketing essentially the same things. I have read a couple of articles where designers state their take on being copied by Zara. In one article, designers had said they didn’t mind and they were actually flattered by their designs being copied because after all “imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.” However, many other designers feel extremely upset that Zara is “ripping off” their designs. I would be interested to see how Zara would come out if they had to stop copying designs and come out with original pieces.

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