Group Prompt for Uniglo

Uniglo is a brand that started in Japan and is making its way across the world as a global fashion shop. Uniglo is expanding and is now the fourth largest retailer world wide. They follow behind Zara and H & M. The brand is only 30 years old, and has many goals for the future in expansion.

When my group looked at the history we noticed that they have expanded extremely fast in England back in 2006. However, this was not as successful as the company thought and was forced to close many locations. After this loss, they have been much more careful in their expansion. They have goals in the USA to have over 1000 stores by 2020, and currently have over 30.

The company has a very strong theory of “Clothes for a better life. For everyone, everywhere” With this statement, the CEO wants to keep wages the same no matter what country someone might live in. This means someone working in Japan as a manger, would have the same salary as a manager in USA and England. I think this is unrealistic based on the value of money and the success of the store in different countries.

The theory the company has is also confusing based on how they advertise in different countries. One country seems to be more street chic, while others are more high fashion. This is confusing and does not add up based on the theory of the company.


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