Urban Outfitters Group Post – Is Urban one company? Or many divisions?

Urban was first established in 1970. Thirty-three years later, the company has grown to manage three distinct brands: Urban Outfitters, Anthropologie, and Free People. Although these are considered brands of Urban, they all have their own individual stores and e-commerce sites. They also operate under the Terrain and BHLDN brands but are more commonly known for the first three brands listed. After reviewing Part 1, Item 1 of the Form 10-K I feel as though Urban is technically one company, with different brands within the company. They have one Form 10-K and include all brands within this, rather than having a separate one for each brand. They originally created Urban Outfitters and then began to branch off from there opening their first Anthropologie store in 1992, followed by Free People in 2002. In general, one can say Urban, Anthropologie, and Free People all offer basically the same thing in regards to their merchandise: mens and women’s casual apparel, footwear, accessories, beauty, and home/gifts. Their store environments are also all very similar, which I learned from both the descriptions online and from actual personal experience having been in all these stores before. It is the target age range that differs from store to store, but again, it does not vary all that much. Other than that, they are essentially all the same stores being run as different brands by one main company. Their target customer is said to be educated, urban-minded individual in the 18 to 30 year-old range offering to many different clients Urban Outfitters is more than one company, and is branded that way in there merchandise selection. Urban Outfitters offers an eclectic mix of merchandise. In their stores they have mixed media as well as fashion, like contemporary art, music and fashion.
Urban Outfitters is a company that is much more than apparel. It sells everything from home furnishings to make up to gadgets and accessories and much more. All of these items fall under the Urban name however, not all are the Urban. Some of the items are from other brands- this does not mean that Urban Outfitters is not one company. Like many other retail stores, Urban Outfitters sells other brands through their store. J.Crew is another example of a company that does that same thing. They sell Ray Bay and Vans through their store as exclusive pieces. Urban Outfitters has the same type of approach. We feel as though this approach is very common among retail stores and does not necessarily mean that Urban Outfitters is more than one company. Urban outfitters online site offers products for: home and gifts, vintage items, and women’s, and men’s clothing and accessories. Under each separate tab there are multiple dropdown options to choose from. The home and gifts tab offers a variety of products ranging from skateboards, kitchen and bar products, wall art, and cameras. Not many of the items offered on the site are available in stores but certain products such as fun and games, vinyl and cd’s, and stationary products are sold in stores. Along with the multiple clothing and accessories products for both men and women. Urban outfitters sells nearly every article of clothing you could look for whether it be active wear, loungewear, or swimwear. They also have a Halloween Shop tab currently on the website pertaining to the season. Urban also sells a variety of shoes in store as well as online. It is hard to tell if Urban Outfitters itself is one big company or just a company containing several divisions although it is clear that they do contain several separate products under separate sections.


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