Group Prompt On Uniqlo

The question that my group was asked to answer was; is how can Uniqlo be everything to everyone, when they seem to market their clothing differently based on location.

After going through Uniqlo’s different Instagram pages we noticed that their UK Instagram is very editorial while their US Instagram is much more laid back.

The conclusion that we came up with is that Uniqlo really does have an identity crisis. The brand seems to contradict themselves on more than one occasion. Their clothing is clearly not meant to be worn every day by everyone. The proof is in their Instagram posts. They believe that consumers in the UK are more into high fashion than consumers in the US. If they truly believed that their clothing was designed for everyone, they would simply use 1 Instagram account.

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The photograph on the top was taken from their UK Instagram account. It has a very polished feel and the outfit is very put together. The image on the bottom was taken from their US Instagram. The picture does not look professional and although both the outfits have a layered look the outfit on the right is very disheveled.

Uniqlo needs to change their marketing strategy. Instead of claiming that they design everyday clothing for everyone, they should make it clear that they make different clothing for different people.

In the article I have listed above, the founder of Uniqlo claims that “he is aggressively exporting Uniqlo’s everyman, everywoman, and everychild style around the globe”.  Even though the clothing may be worn all around the world there is no such thing as a everyman or everywoman style.


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