Alexander McQueen Zeitgeist elements

Alexander McQueen was not only a designer, but an artist who was recognized for his exceptional and innovating ideas.Though Many elements such as consumer segment, fiber/fabric, technology/innovation/media, celebrity icons, and dominating ideas are all elements that can be associated with the McQueen label,the two zeitgeist elements I found to be most appropriate for where the label is now are the elements art/design and dominating events.

His passing in 2011 was a dominating event in the history of fashion as the industry was at loss of another great designer. McQueen had obvious demons inside him that were both heartbreaking yet intriguing to see once portrayed into designs. Being that the zeitgeist influences the culture of a particular period in time, McQueens tragic passing in 2011 resulted in the label loosing the edge it once had. As a result of his death, the label appointed Sarah Burton to be the new designer for the McQueen label. Though Burton still incorporates the same tactics and tailoring techniques as McQueen, the change in designers has caused a lack of influence amongst our culture. McQueen was dark, inspiring, and addressed issues in our society while Burtons shy and more reserved side is reflected in her collections.

Another Zeitgeist element that seemed more appropriate to me was the element art/design. McQueen was often seen merging historical references, societal issues, nature, art, movies, music, media, and his own emotions into modern day designs. The designer used inspiration from both the present and the past to incorporate in his collections. In Spring 2004, McQueens show was inspired after the film “They Shoot Horses Don’t They?” where he used the time period of the great depression and the culture associated with it in his collection. He was infamous for wowing his audience, consumers, and friends through his designs which many considered to be artwork.

The dominating event of his passing that caused the label to loose the edge it once had, as well as the art and design that inspired McQueen while he was alive to than inspire us, are the sole reason as to why these two elements seem better suited to be chosen as the two most important.


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