What Urban Outfitters should look out for

The first main thing that Urban Outfitters needs to watch is their media with their blogs. They really need to watch what and who they are posting on their blogs for celeberty icons. They are setting a bad image currently. They need to have a team regulating what is allowed to go up on their blogs and websites and what is not.

The same goes for what types of clothing they decide to sell and put up on their website for sale. They need a team of people in the PR department making sure that there are no more offensive clothing going up for sale anymore. This is what is getting them into trouble and they need to stop in order to stop their negative media attention.


2 thoughts on “What Urban Outfitters should look out for

  1. I agree that Urban Outfitters needs to be more careful with their publicity. Some say bad publicity is better than no publicity but they might just pushing that boundary a little too far. It is okay to be different and creative with social media and new designs but when things become offensive is where their problem lies. Hopefully they can figure themselves out in the future!

  2. I am curious as to WHO is designing these offensive garments? Does UO have in-house designers?

    Does it go deeper than inattentive PR, or purposefully turbulent? I think there is more to this than poor marketing, or negative marketing.

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