Uniqlo- 2 Points

One of the main things to keep in mind when looking at Uniqlo, is the companies motto, “Made for All”. Uniqlo’s intention is to have a fast fashion company of basic wear for all ages, and social groups. However that is a very wide range of people and they should try to look at this “Made for All” idea in a different way.  If they focused more on a specific target market, “Made for All” could be turned into a styling motto for their company. Therefore, “Made for All” may be known as taking basics and making them into your own unique style. A second point to keep in mind while looking more into Uniqlo’s company would be the advertising and social media. They have an interesting way of running their sites and social media accounts based on the country. This definatly caught our groups eye, it was a new way to target their customers based on where they are in the world and what season it might be.  These two aspects of Uniqlo are important to the company because “Made for All” could make or break them and their advertising approach makes them different.


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