Zara are you copying me?

Zara is the new fashion company that I will be investigating for the next section of this class, we heard some interesting things about Zara.. Like they are a bunch of copycats, although some fashion designers do not mind this because most say that fashion designers copy fashion designers all the time, so why is that Zara is being the one’s to be pointed at all the time. Just because they copy some designers and make their clothing look nothing like the actual clothing designer they copied. If they are going to copy designers they should at least make it look something similar or a little better. I just think that’s karma for stealing people’s designs but then again who says people who can not afford this amazing designs can not have a chance to be fashionable. I wonder how others feel about this whole copycatting idea, I hear multiple mix feelings..


One thought on “Zara are you copying me?

  1. I think Zara is copying styles. Its a little harsh to make them start a new design team, since thats how the company started. The trends that Zara have are more affordable and model after other trends of the time.

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